I met Mary Lu last year when we were put together on our radio show “Blogger Diaries” on CliffCentral.com. Back then, it wasn’t called that but we got along from the word go. The first thing I thought when I met Mary, ‘wow, this girl is immaculately groomed.’ Mary is one of those girls that gets you genuinely wondering, “I wonder if she wakes up like that?” I think in her case, it would be true. But what I love about this woman is, she has not let her beauty define her – while she celebrates it by always looking her best – she is also highly educated and a savvy business woman. In a world where so much stock is put in outer beauty, it’s refreshing to meet a woman who does not let it be her biggest selling point.

I also love how Mary will always prioritise her exercise time, yet also, indulge and enjoy herself when lunching and socialising with friends. This is why Mary Lu is part of our FABUFIT Women’s month Campaign.

Name: Mary Lu
Age: 27
Occupation: Lawyer, blogger, business owner

1. What inspires you to get out of bed every day?
I’m a very routine person so my routine gets me out of bed every day and also the fact that every day is so different for me and I’m out there doing what I want to do every day.

2. What does a typical day for you entail?
A typical day for me will entail getting out and feeding my dog, Buddy, and opening the door for him. Then I make breakfast, do some studying and run some errands. I’m not always expected at the office but sometimes I’ll pop in. I also love lunching with friends so I’ll try fit in a lunch with a friend.

3. How did your health and fitness journey start?
It started about 6 years ago when I started dating my fiancé and he was super into fitness and gym. I’ve always been on the skinny side my whole life, although I was active when I was at school, I didn’t really find it necessary to go to gym when I started university. Emic (her fiancé) definitely encouraged me with the whole fitness thing especially because he enjoyed it so much and it was something for us as a couple to do together. Once I started, I was hooked!

4. Why is health and fitness so important to you, and how do you prioritise time for yourself?
I truly believe that your body is your biggest investment. No matter whether you are happy or unhappy with your body, you have it for life so you better start looking after it now. I’ve always prioritized my wellness, I guess sometimes you can call me selfish but I don’t feel sorry at all. I always make time for gym, if I know I have a dinner, I’ll go to gym a bit earlier, but I also have the advantage of planning my own time so I guess it’s easy for me to do that. I used to work in corporate and I still made time for gym, it closes at 9pm so even if I go to gym and go back to work, I do it! image1

5. What is your favourite way in which to exercise?
I love cardio, mainly because I think it’s just easier to not think and run rather than having to think of exercises to do. I also love functional training and especially SWITCH (SWITCH PLAYGROUND) classes. I love a bit of everything! I also can’t go a week without doing yoga because I think flexibility and mobility also helps.

6. Women often body shame one another and themselves – what is your opinion on this?
Body shaming is real and whoever thinks that it’s only skinny girls shaming big girls are so wrong! Trust me, skinny girls don’t like being called “skinny bitches” and “bones” either. I feel like there’s a huge double standard about this, skinny girls have to tread on glass when they speak just in case they say something offensive about big girls. This needs to stop, let’s all just focus on fitness and health, go to gym regularly, who cares what size you wear, it’s about how fit you are.

7. What would be your top three healthy habits you would suggest other women adopt?
I have one healthy habit that I follow religiously – eat a big breakfast, mediocre lunch and eat like the poor for dinner.

8. Life is all about balance – what is your favourite indulgence?
Oh my gosh, this is so hard because I feel like I overindulge so often! I would say fries, I’m a huge sucker for fries!

9. Women have proven they can accomplish great things when given the space to do so – how would you like to see women do greater things in future?
I feel that a great woman is a happy one and in order to be happy, you need to be comfortable with who you are. There’s no point competing with others and envying others because you will never be like them. We each have our own journey and own path. This doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by others, we should always promote and help each other. Let’s start with self love and loving our own first!



Mary is dressed by Tally Weijl.

Photography: Hemisha Bhana (Shot on location at News Cafe in Rosebank)

Photo of Mary on Lions Head – her own

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