The Nike logo is one of the most recognised symbols around the world and has been around since the early seventies. So how does a sports brand that has been around for literally over 4 decades stay relevant? They find new and innovative ways to inspire people to move their bodies.

Nike has two highly successful active ‘clubs’ that are making waves globally – Nike+ Run Club (NRC) and Nike+ Training Club (NTC). Last week it was all about the ladies.

Nike Women Week was all about getting women to push themselves with challenging workouts to prepare for the next phase of #betterforit. The five-day fitness journey was led by fun, high intensity NTC workouts and Nike+ Run Club (NRC) sessions.


But Nike didn’t stop there, they went ahead and produced their own original 8 episode online series called “Margot vs Lily: A Better For It Production”. The series is about two sisters- Lily who prioritises fitness over friends, she has a YouTube Fitness star, and Margot who is the social butterfly and very little interest in sport – as they make a bet to switch roles.

But why would a fitness brand release a series was what we asked ourselves…

“Better For It and the original series ‘Margot vs Lily – A Better For It Production’ is a celebration of athletes. It’s about personal growth and pushing yourself to be your best,” explains Kerri Hoyt-Pack, VP of Global Brand Marketing for NikeWomen and Women’s Training.

“This message embodies a relatable range of human experiences and emotion – from self-confidence to self-doubt – that women encounter with sport and fitness. Being ‘Better For It’ doesn’t mean accomplishing an unbelievable feat; it means being bold enough to take on a personal challenge, like the characters Margot and Lily do.”
Well, if the first episode is anything to go by – this is going to be a fun little story to see unfold. What we love about the concept is that it is a novel way for them to engage their consumers. The first episode went live on Monday and will be released every Monday for the next 8 weeks on YouTube.

You can watch the first episode here…

But what’s more, is that Lily’s YouTube channel really does exist and you can go check out her fitness tips on YouTube: LilyNinja Fitness.