Exactly 8 weeks left till baby arrives and changes our lives forever. Kashif and I were sitting on the couch this past weekend like we always do watching movies and the house was quiet and calm, our cats were gallivanting somewhere. I turned to him and said, “We have to cherish these moments, we won’t have them again, with it being just the two of us again, till our kid/s are grown and we are retired probably.”

He didn’t entirely agree with me, saying we would have these moments when our child is asleep. I agreed…kind of. The fact is, we will have to redefine our relationship as a couple once we become parents. If two is company and three is a crowd – what will this mean to us going forward?

It’s a major milestone for us this year because we are also married for ten years on the 31 March (baby may just surprise us around then!). So on this momentous milestone, we would have looked reflectively on the last 10 years of marriage and taken stock – but added to that the imminent arrival of our first-born, this complicates things a tad.

It’s so important to not lose our identities as partners, lovers and friends to one another. One hears so often that these are the first things to be neglected once a child comes into the mix. My husband and I have a very close relationship and we have built a solid foundation over our first decade of marriage, I think not rushing into parenthood was good for us.

Maintaining a healthy relationship has a lot to do with communication, constant communication – having these conversations with your partner, discussing your fears, concerns, hopes and aspirations for the future is so important in managing your relationship and thereby providing a healthy environment for a child. They are very perceptive even as babies, they will feel any discourse or imbalance in the energy in the home.

Make no mistake, we swivvle between excitement and fear at the thought of the next year and beyond. But doing this with my best friend makes things more bearable.


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Tegan Smith