I love wearing my active wear, one of my favourite items in my active wear ensembles would have to be the sports bra. I have always been blessed in the bust department and making sure my girls are strapped in nice and comfy and tight for a workout is so important to me, more so, now than ever, carrying heavier than usual due to breastfeeding, its important now more than ever that my breasts have the best support possible.

What disturbed me recently is seeing how many women out there pay little to no regard to wearing the correct support while working out. Having your breasts sway like pendulums from side to side as you run on the treadmill or do vigorous exercises is not a good idea at all. There are real reasons sports bras exist – yes, nowadays they seem merely like a fashion statement – but they do serve a practical purpose too.

Whether you are big busted like me or smaller in size – we all HAVE GOT to have the right support during exercise. Our breasts are made up of fatty tissue which is surrounded by skin and fragile ligaments called ‘Coopers Ligaments’ – these ligaments are rather fragile and once they are stretched or broken down, they will sag and nothing can fix this. It doesn’t matter whether your breasts are big or small, we all have Coopers Ligaments that can be broken down over time and they won’t bounce back.


When choosing a sports bra, make sure to consider whether you are going to be doing high or low impact exercise as there are different bras to suit each of these. If you can’t afford to have different sports bras for different exercises or you can’t be bothered to decide which bra is correct for your choice of exercise – rather be sure to get one that gives you the maximum support whether you are doing yoga or running on a treadmill. It is also important that you get the right fit, there are a few different sports bras out there ranging from compression bras (which look like crop tops) to ones with inbuilt cups (similar to regular bras). Choosing the right bra will depend on your cup size, preference and activity level.

I like the ones that look a lot like a regular bra, as these tend to support my bust the best.

My favourite bras I have found to work for me in this regard are Lorna Jane, Nike, CottonOn Body and Shock Absorber bras – all high impact support ones. They all make the lower impact bras, but I usually just always rather choose the high impact high support bras as shown below…


You want a sports bra that fits well, both in the band and cups. Overall, your sports bra should feel a bit tighter than a regular bra, however, you should be able to breathe deeply and comfortably.

The band shouldn’t move. It should fit snugly and comfortably. Raise your hands above your head. Did the elastic band move? If it’s up your rib cage, try a smaller band. If the bra has straps, try adjusting them.

Your breasts shouldn’t bulge, pay close attention to any bulging at the top or by the underarm. Furthermore, the cups shouldn’t have any wrinkles or gaps. If the cup fabric is wrinkled, try a smaller size.

If you workout without a bra, or just use a standard bra you are more at risk of developing back and breast pain as a result of this. Sports bras are specially designed to support your breasts ALL the way around, making sure they are secure and your skin can breathe.

So ladies – do yourself a favour – invest in a good quality sports.


Happy Healthy Fabulous