This week I am officially into my third trimester, 28 weeks into my pregnancy. I feel very lucky and grateful to have had a rather pleasant experience thus far. I have been saved from any morning sickness, skin damage and bad swelling (experienced minor swelling, that comes and goes). I would like to think and my doctor concurs, it’s largely due to my healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and balanced eating.

I have definitely not been depriving myself of my cravings, I have been eating some indulgent stuff but trying to balance it with good, healthy, balanced meals too.

I have experienced some leg cramps on days I later realised I hadn’t been drinking enough water, the minute I upped my water content, it went away. I am experiencing a bit of itchiness on my belly and bosoms – but this is normal apparently, tummy growing and breasts also getting ready to produce milk.

Exercise has been the bedrock of my pleasant experience, it’s kept me sane when I was feeling a little emotional and hormonal and after giving up so much during this process, most of all the intensity I am usually used to working out at (which I love!) and my slim, strong body.

With my body changing, my usually cute gym wear has not been fitting me as it used to with a bump and boobs twice the size it used to be, bigger thighs and thicker arms. So I was so relieved and pleasantly surprised when I found CottonOn Body’s Maternity range!

These are their high waisted leggings, especially designed to be more comfortable for pregnant ladies. In a previous review of their regular active apparel range, I mentioned how comfortable, and good quality their range is. Their ‘Maternity range’ is no different!

This is just the first look at their stuff – I’ll bring you more later this week!







Clothing: Maternity leggings (Medium) and sports bra (regular bra – Medium) both from CottonOn Body.

More to come…


Happy Healthy Fabulous

Photography: Hemisha Bhana