Today life has become so stressful, what with work stress, personal challenges, and life in general, it’s sometimes hard to just stay calm and relaxed. I know one way to get me highly stressed is dealing with gridlock traffic, its stressful and depressing to have to deal with.

So, when I was sent ‘Tranquini’ – a drink that claims to help relax and calm one  – I was interested to try it. It comes in four flavours, ‘Jasper’, ‘Jade’, ‘Amber’ and a blue can which didn’t have a flavour on it, but tasted like berries.

My least favourite flavour was ‘Amber’ as it tasted like ‘malt’ and those types of flavour notes do not appeal to me.

All these drinks contain camomile and other herbs that it claims promotes the calming effect.

I wanted to get an expert’s opinion on this drink, so I asked Nathalie Mat, a registered dietitian, this is what she had to say,”We all know that certain foods have certain properties. For example, coffee is a stimulant and chamomile is considered calming. I think people have used food in this way for many many years and will continue to do so.

What is important is that the food be considered in the context of a diet rather than as a “medicine” on it’s own. Imagine you have a bag of herbal, calming chewy sweets. if you’re having a  stressful day, you may eat all of the sweets while trying to stay calm. You will have inadvertently had a lot of sugar.

If you choose to use a drink like this, keep in mind that it does not only contain herbs but it also contains fructose, fruit sugar. We cannot consider the herbal effects without thinking about the rest of the drink. Choices like this can be okay in the context of a healthy diet but will not increase the healthiness of a poor diet.”

‘Tranquini’ had a mild effect on me, but then again I have a very high threshold for any kinds of stimulants. I do think if you are prone to stressing out easily – this could be worth a try, it beats losing your cool in traffic or getting frazzled in an otherwise stressful environment.

The drink is available at Pick ‘n Pay.


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