I’ve always loved cooking and surprising my husband with new ways to prepare the fresh beautiful produce we love to eat. I sometimes hit a creative block when it comes to using these said ingredients. So I was so excited when one of my favourite food bloggers, Sarah Graham published her latest book ‘Wholesome’ dedicated to sugar-; gluten- and carb conscious recipes.

My favourite thing about Sarah’s recipes are their simplicity, they are easy to follow and the ingredients are generally readily available in my pantry.

Like most of the healthy food focussed cookbooks I have seen lately, they are more than just a bunch of recipes but are always prefixed with valuable information dedicated to educating its reader about making healthier food choices. Sarah’s book is no different, she writes about the value of eating organic, the dangers of GMO foods, different types of sugars and other hot topics related to eating wholesome and healthy.

As for the rest of the book – it is filled with over a 100 unpretentious and easy to follow recipes that Sarah prepares for her family on a daily basis.

My favourite recipes that got my mouth watering was her Asian inspired – ‘Prawn Laksa Bowls’ and the ‘Dukkah Chicken Flatbreads with Lemony yoghurt’ recipe (Click here to get this recipe).

There are several ideas for breakfast, snacks, desserts and main courses.  The best part is they are all healthier options of some those indulgent classics like, panna cotta or ‘Millionaire’s shortbread tart’.

Lastly, what I love about Sarah’s book ‘Wholesome’ , is that it is proudly South African, so all the ingredients listed in the recipes are available in stores locally, which is not always the case with international cookbooks.

The book is available in most good bookstores and is very reasonable priced at R249.


Happy Healthy Fabulous